Love love love the Muscle Nectar and Bug Out Balm. Muscle Nectar worked in minutes in relieve my muscle spasm. I could not believe how fast I got relief! Took Bug Out Balm with me while vacationing in the Caribbean and had no issues with bug bites at all. Love these products.

- Faith Ann from Pennsylvania


"Not being able to turn my head to the right due to muscle tightness, I tried over-the-counter muscle cream with no results. After mentioning my soreness to a friend, she recommended a product, Muscle Nectar from: Debbs Hummingbird Healing. I applied it to my neck and shoulder for two nights and was surprised by the results. I was pain free and regained full motion without any soreness. Thank You D.H.N."

- Ed L. from Pennsylvania


"I have three torn ligaments in my right foot and sometimes the pain is unbearable, especially getting out of bed. This product has been a life saver for me! It eliminates the pain and allows me to walk around pain free. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone."

- A.C. from Pennsylvania


This beard balm is amazing. I'm so glad I finally convinced hubby to use it. I'm not feeling his beard poke me through my shirt like a porcupine when he hugs me!

- Kerri C. from Wyoming


Completely worth checking out!  Deb helped me out with a balm for pain and it was better than anything you'll find in the stores. Recommend completely!

- Paul C. from Maryland


Got some definite relief from pain in my knee and elbow. I recommend the Muscle Nectar!!

Bob  from Henryville PA